Pathshare Professional

Effortless location aware services

The location sharing platform tracks that your assets in real-time and mutually shares your assets locations. Gain insights into your transportation, delivery, pickup service, or your location aware service offer.


Live locations for more efficiency

Exact live locations and continously updated arrival times (ETA), let you significantly improve your customer service experience, reduce waiting times while increasing security.

Integrate or start with our app

Use the Pathshare App or integrate the Pathshare Location Sharing SDK in your own app. The gathered locations are distributed by the Pathshare Platform to all connected devices.


Component dashboard

Pathshare Professional Dashboard

Manage sessions and learn about your users current location and historic movement. Use the arrival dashboard to keep track of their sequential arrival times. Webhooks let you easily integrate Pathshare with other services.

Pathshare Mobile App

This is our off-the-shelf app that uses your phone's GPS to share your location in realtime with people or things. As it builds on the same technology as the Pathshare Mobile SDK, the Pathshare App is 100% interoperable with Pathshare Professional services. Available for iOS and Android . Free.

Pathshare group
Sdk logo

Pathshare Mobile SDK

The Pathshare SDK enables you to add interactive location sharing functionality into your apps, and trigger actions based on your users mutual location context.

Service Integration

Integrate with other REST services by simply filling out the webhook integration form. Get events and context information into your Slack channel, use Google Sheets as a drive log book, or integrate with your own custom services.

Slack integration

Google sheets integration


Smart location tracking

Advanced location tracking with three different tracking modes (smart, accurate, approximate) for a maximal accuracy and battery efficiency. In smart mode, tracking adjusts automatically depending on speed, sensors, environment and group activity.

Battery friendly eco mode

The eco mode reduces the devices battery consumption up to 90%. Let Pathshare SDK handle the work or switch manually between different tracking modes and back to eco from within the Pathshare Dashboard.

Realtime location sharing

Best in market realtime location sharing based on the Pathshare platform that lets users, groups and things mutually share their location with each other.

Pathshare Dashboard

Manage users’ sessions right from the Pathshare Dashboard and create different links for public / joinable or private / nonjoinable sessions. Easily invite new users, and check out the historical data to refine existing and create new actions.

Geofences, beacon and group events

Geo fences, beacons, group and activity events offer a spatially inclusive and comprehensive way to trigger messages and actions. Together with webhooks they offer a powerfull tool to automate services for your company.

Webhook Integrations

Integrate Pathshare into existing or custom services by pushing new events directly into other REST services using webhooks (SOAP available upon request).

Getting Started.

To start using Pathshare Professional, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up - Create your Pathshare Professional accout.
  2. Create your first session - Log into the Pathshare Professional web interface and create your first session. Send the session link to your mobile phone.
  3. Download Pathshare App - For your first steps with Pathshare, download the Pathshare App and click on the link you have sent to yourself in the previous step. You can now monitor your track with the Pathshare Professional web interface.
  4. Download Pathshare SDK and start coding - Last, download the Pathshare SDK for iOS or Android from Github ( iOS or Android ) and start coding your own app. Use the API token from the settings page of your Pathshare Professional account.